Angus Branchett is a posthumous character in Momma Grizzly.


Angus Branchett was first mentioned by Pastor Gordon Clegg over dinner with Kelly. He is the great-grandfather of David Branchett. Law enforcement seems to be a standard career for the Branchett family. However, Angus was a sheriff, while David is the police chief, demonstrating some growth in the town of Grunwald during the hundred-year interim.

According to Gordon, Angus was the one who shot the Grim Halberdier, putting a stop to his 1915 rampage.

The letter written by Muriel Greaves mentions Angus and his band of deputies on the hunt for the Halberdier on the night of November 17, 1915, placing the letter at the date Angus shot the murderer down.

The examiner's report that describes the skeleton of Cyril Crayford in January of 1916 notes a wound in the right shoulder blade from a .44 caliber revolver, said to be standard issue for law enforcement at the time. Kelly makes a leap of intuition that David's antique revolver is the very weapon that had cut the Halberdier down, passed down to him from Angus.

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