Cyril Crayford is a posthumous character in Momma Grizzly.


The name Crayford is first mentioned in Muriel Greaves's letter which Kelly finds in the archives of the Grunwald Library. He is stated to be an "awful moneylender" who is influencing the town mayor against Muriel, firing up the town to accuse her of witchcraft.

Kelly next comes across the name while she is in jail, reading a missing person report given to her by Maggie and Gordon. Cyril Crayford, prosecuted several times for illegal and predatory lending, had not been seen since the night Angus Branchett shot the fleeing Grim Halberdier in the back.

An included note mentions that both the mayor and Angus Branchett had been in debt to Crayford at the time of the disappearance. This indicates that Crayford had been trying to take control of the town, but it also casts some doubt on whether Branchett was justified in firing his duty weapon.

The skeleton in the medical examiner's report from January of 1916 is speculated to belong to Crayford. However, the remains vanish from the morgue before the investigation is complete.


Crayford was the Grim Halberdier, revived by the Leviathan and active in the present day as Chester Cotton.
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