Emma Lee Hagen is a supporting character in Momma Grizzly.


"Pronounced like 'Emily,'" Phil offered.
Emma Lee lives with her mother Sammie and her father Phil. She refers to Kelly Clegg as "Auntie Kelly."

She is first seen with Sammie, meeting Kelly for lunch at a modern diner called Forty Winks. Kelly has a strong bond with the young girl.

Emma Lee is next seen with her parents at the Veterans Day celebration, wearing a mint-green dress. Sammie and Phil make plans to go to Canyon Lake that evening. Phil elects to camp there for the night, but his wife and daughter want to come home.

Sammie disregards Phil's warning not to take Farm Road 138 through the forest after dark. Their car is struck and overturned, resulting in Sammie sustaining a concussion and Emma Lee vanishing.

Kelly and Officer Joe Collins notice that the straps of Emma Lee's car seat do not look broken; they look cut.

Frustrated by Chester Cotton leading a prayer circle rather than a search, Kelly strikes off on her own to find Emma Lee. After a nightmarish search, Kelly catches a glimpse of Emma Lee's mint-green dress and finds her asleep under the watch of Momma Kodi. Kelly takes Emma Lee away, but the girl calls out a goodbye to the bear, awakening her and causing her to give chase. Kelly escapes the bear and returns the girl to her parents.

The boy from the forest informs Kelly that he had spotted Anvilback bringing Emma Lee out of the cursed area of the forest and depositing her in Momma Kodi's territory.

Emma Lee joins her parents and Kelly on the stage at Bellwether when Kelly is given the Mayor's Medal of Honor for the rescue.

She is last seen at the clearing, where she arrives with her parents in the cab of Phil's truck, and she joins them in running to Kelly after the defeat of the Grim Halberdier.

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