Garrett's Shotgun is a firearm that appears prominently in Momma Grizzly.


Garrett Clegg, as a combat veteran and small-town Texas boy, owns several firearms. Among them are two guns Garrett and his wife Kelly bring along during their foray into the cursed woods to rescue Laylah Flaherty. One is a .45-caliber handgun used by Kelly to little effect.

The other is Garrett's semiautomatic 12-gauge shotgun, which helps turn the tide of the river battle. This shotgun has a 28-inch barrel and a black synthetic stock. Because of Garrett's prosthetic hook in place of his right hand, he has modified this gun by drilling a series of deep ridges into the forend so he can steady the barrel with his hook and fire with his left hand. He has also added an extra-large grip to the bolt handle to make it easier to pull with his hook.

Garrett loads this gun with slugs before the trip into the woods. He fires the weapon point-blank three times into the chest of the Grim Halberdier upon seeing him, doing nothing. A fourth shot is fired while Garrett is being attacked by Drag-Belly, but this shot misses and the shell is improperly ejected, jamming the weapon.

While Drag-Belly is attacking Kelly, Garrett clears the jam and loads the shotgun before throwing it to Kelly. She fires the slug straight down Drag-Belly's throat, severely injuring him and allowing Momma Kodi to finish him off.

At the climax of the book, Gordon Clegg borrows this weapon and manages to wound Eld Stagger. The Eld King uses the Leviathan to block the second shot before yanking Gordon into the air. The shotgun is dropped and not seen again.

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