Grunwald is a fictional town in the state of Texas and is the main setting of Momma Grizzly.


Grunwald is a small, rural town north of San Antonio, nestled in the Texas Hill Country near the bottom of the Green Ravine river valley. The town is reached by way of Farm Road 138 which leads away from Interstate 281. Driving on FM-138 past Grunwald would eventually lead a traveler to Canyon Lake.

According to a welcome sign on the main road, Grunwald has a population of 1,206.


Grunwald was founded in the 1800s by Scots-Irish and German settlers. At some point in its early history, several myths about the town's founding sprang up due to eyewitness accounts of the Leviathan, Momma Kodi, and possibly also Anvilback and Drag-Belly.

In 1915, Grunwald was terrorized by a serial killer known as the Grim Halberdier.

Kelly Clegg lives in Grunwald as of 2015, when the story takes place. For more information, refer to the Momma Grizzly main article.


  • Grunwald is an amalgamation of several real-life locations in the Texas Hill Country, where the author grew up.
  • Grunwald's exact location is not specified, but it falls within the real-world area of Spring Branch, Texas.
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