The Grunwald Library is a fictional location in Momma Grizzly.


The library is a key Grunwald location visited twice by Kelly during the events of Momma Grizzly. The first time, she is merely gathering source material for an article. She remarks on the stale, angry air in the place, which reminds her of a coffin. She gets the impression that the library's purpose was to keep something unpleasant shut away and out of sight. Margaret Clegg is in charge of the library, but its maintenance needs are becoming too difficult for her as she ages.

Once Kelly has seen Momma Kodi and met the boy in the forest, she shares the boy's concern that the Grim Halberdier may have become active again. She becomes interested in the history of the town, and Maggie offers to let her into the locked archive area.

The information Kelly finds there, a letter written in 1915 by Muriel Greaves, confirms Kelly's intuition about the library's purpose. A dark, ugly secret waits there, ready to be exposed.

While Kelly heads off to call Garrett, Maggie and Gordon stay behind to continue researching. They spend all night in the library. They find old police and medical examiner reports that lead them to make a connection about the Grim Halberdier's identity.

In the final chapter, it is revealed that Maggie has relinquished library duties to Kelly.

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