In Sheep's Clothing is the largest story arc of the Nexus Nebula Saga, spanning four works.

In Sheep's Clothing: The Healer was published in July 2018. It is Book 2 of the Nexus Nebula Saga.

Book 3, In Sheep's Clothing: The Way of the Ram, was published in December 2018.

These two were originally written as one book.

In Sheep's Clothing: Seeds of Chaos is a novella set between Books 3 and 4. It is a prequel that provides backstory for the world of this arc.

Book 4, In Sheep's Clothing: The Child Seer is set to publish in early 2020.


  • This arc was heavily inspired by the work of George Orwell, particularly 1984 and Animal Farm. Several character names are references to the latter book.
  • The arc, like the rest of the Nexus Nebula Saga, contains heavy thematic and lyrical references to Pink Floyd, in this case the Animals album.
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