Kelly's Mother is a supporting character in Momma Grizzly.


The mother of Kelly Clegg, like her father, is not named in-story. However, Kelly's mother plays a significant role in the book, frequently trying to convince Kelly to divorce Garrett Clegg and move back in with them long enough to establish a better career.

She is well-meaning, but somewhat intrusive and overprotective. Her actions often unknowingly further the plans of the Grim Halberdier. She chides Kelly for her belief in Grunwald's origin myths, and she calls Pastor Chester Cotton out of concern that Kelly has become lost. Later, she believes Cotton over Kelly late in the story and allows the police to hold Kelly in a jail cell overnight.

At the climax, she takes a stand with several of Grunwald's other mothers, giving Momma Kodi renewed strength and allowing Kelly to make the connection that leads to Eld Stagger's final defeat.

After this, understanding that her daughter was right, she makes amends with both Kelly and Garrett.

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