Laylah Flaherty is a supporting character in Momma Grizzly.


Laylah is 2 years old in 2015 when Momma Grizzly takes place. She lives with her mother, Rachael Flaherty. Her father, Mickey, was killed on combat deployment in the same IED blast that injured Garrett Clegg. Rachael was pregnant with Laylah at the time.

Kelly first meets Laylah at the Veterans Day celebration, when the girl hits her in the leg with an American flag. The first thing Kelly notices is the radiating warmth of life in the girl. Then she sees the red hair, identifying the girl as the daughter of Kelly's former friend. Rachael arrives a second later and whisks the girl away with no more than a cold greeting to Kelly and Sammie.

The day after Kelly's meeting with Chester Cotton, Laylah goes missing. Rachael blames Kelly, who sets out to find the girl.

Kelly learns enough information to send her into The Green Ravine River Valley that night. Garrett accompanies her. After they manage to get the forest boy away from the Grim Halberdier, the phantom allows them to hear Laylah's screams and see a glimpse of her emerging from the dark mist across the river. However, Anvilback appears to hold the group off until the Halberdier can get away with the girl.

Laylah is seen again when Kelly finally reaches the clearing the following night. She is unconscious, slung over the Halberdier's shoulder, probably sedated. He throws her onto the sacrificial slab beneath the bent cedar, intending to sacrifice her and draw on her excess vitality to revive Eld Stagger to a youthful and healthy form. Kelly stalls him long enough for the town to get there and stop the sacrifice.

When Momma Kodi arrives on the scene, her fight with the Halberdier keeps him occupied long enough for Rachael to get to Laylah. Picking her up causes the girl to stir, but Kelly, Garrett, and Kodi keep him busy so Rachael can get away.

Laylah's escape thwarts the Halberdier's plan, later forcing him to sacrifice himself instead and bring back a withered, rotten Stagger.

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