Rachael Flaherty is a supporting character in Momma Grizzly.
"I'll snap those things off your head and jam them up your ass."


Rachael is first seen at the Veterans Day celebration when she admonishes her toddler, Laylah, for swinging a toy flag at Kelly. Upon realizing who it is, Rachael takes the child and leaves with only a curt greeting to Kelly and Sammie. This prompts Kelly to watch the interaction between Garrett and Phil. To her and Sammie, the absence of a third man is painfully obvious.

Kelly mentions Rachael during her private meeting with Chester Cotton. She says that Rachael had been best friends with her and Sammie in high school. She then reveals that Rachael's husband, Mickey Flaherty, was killed on combat deployment in the same blast that had injured Garrett. Rachael resents that Kelly's husband came home safely.

Rachael appears again the day after the meeting, reporting the disappearance of Laylah to Chief David Branchett and Officer Joe Collins. When she sees Kelly, she shoves her to the ground and blames her for the kidnapping. This gets Kelly to begin investigating the history of Grunwald.

When Kelly brings Ethan to Sammie's house to recruit her into the search effort, Rachael is there. She is the one who calls the police on Kelly and gives them a description of her and the boy.

Rachael joins the rest of the town in pursuing Kelly into the Green Ravine River Valley at night. She tries to get to Laylah on the sacrificial slab, but at first she is held back and then she freezes at the sight of the Leviathan emerging. When the Grim Halberdier defeats the police and heads for Laylah to complete the sacrifice, Rachael throws herself into the path of the axe. This action summons Momma Kodi to the clearing and begins the showdown.

Rachael and Kelly use the distraction of the fight to finally free Ethan and Laylah from the Halberdier's clutches. Rachael apologizes to Kelly at this time.

When Eld Stagger is about to kill Kelly, Rachael is among the four mothers who stand in the way. She, in particular, shows no fear of the demon. Her actions lead Kelly to make the realization that leads directly to Stagger's downfall.

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