The Fangstone is a fictional landmark in Momma Grizzly.


The Fangstone is first mentioned by Garrett Clegg while he is regaling a group of children with the myth of Grunwald's founding in the museum. According to the legend, it is a tooth from Drag-Belly, lost in a fight with Brennen the Firehide long ago.

It is actually just a rock that is lodged in the riverbed at the bottom of the Green Ravine.

The Fangstone was an eight-foot-tall, arrowhead-shaped formation sticking out of the ground at the bottom of the Green Ravine riverbed near the FM-138 bridge. When it rained enough to flood, the Fangstone was usually still visible, with the water parting around it like the fin of a shark.
Kelly often uses this rock as a landmark during her navigation of the woods, especially at night, because it is in the riverbed near town and is very close to the FM-138 bridge. When she is near it, she often touches it, feeling the corner that had been eroded to a sharp edge by the water that had once flowed through the valley.

She stumbles across it while searching for Emma Lee Hagen, letting her know she had made it back to the riverbed.

She sees it again when she and Garrett venture into the forest after dark to rescue Laylah Flaherty. When the dry river bed instantly transforms back into a raging river, she can see the rock's sharp crest protruding above the water's surface.

Battling exhaustion while wrestling with Drag-Belly in the river, Momma Kodi looks to Kelly for guidance. She turns the bear's attention to the deadly sharp rock as the current pulls the two animals toward the bridge. Kodi uses the last of her energy to slam Drag-Belly into the sharp edge of the Fangstone, breaking his back.

The Fangstone's last appearance in the book is when Kelly leans against it to rest the next evening, while she is luring the townsfolk to follow her into the woods.

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