The Green Ravine River Valley is a fictional location in the Texas Hill Country seen in Momma Grizzly. The river valley is a dense forest of live oak and red cedar trees. It is the founding site of the town of Grunwald.


The Green Ravine is the last remaining location of the curse that used to grip much of this part of the world. It was the site where Momma Kodi and Firehide defeated Stagger and freed most of the world from the curse.

The Green Ravine River itself is a dry bed. Its only distinctive features are the bridge where Farm Road 138 crosses on its way to Canyon Lake, as well as the Fangstone.

When the forest is in the grip of the curse after sunset, the Green Ravine River transforms. It becomes full of dangerously fast water. It is in this powerful current that Kodi battles Anvilback and Drag-Belly while trying to rescue Laylah Flaherty from the Grim Halberdier.

On the far side of the river from Grunwald, there is a clearing with a twisted, fierce-looking cedar tree growing around a carved stone block. This site was set up by the Axe-Man for sacrifice of a young victim to revive Stagger. This clearing is the location of Kodi and Firehide's confrontation with the Grim Halberdier.


  • The Green Ravine River Valley, while a fictional location, falls within the real-world area of Spring Branch, Texas. It is a rough analogue of the location where the Guadalupe River runs from Canyon Lake and crosses under Interstate 281.
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