The Nexus Nebula Saga is a Christian fantasy series geared toward young adults, written by Kevin C Hensley. It combines urban, dystopian, cyberpunk, horror, and paranormal elements to create a classic hero's journey with unique characters.

The series begins with Momma Grizzly. A young woman living in a small Texas town experiences the reawakening of her maternal instinct while battling an ancient curse.

In Sheep's Clothing: The Healer introduces a new setting and storyline. This book concerns a young sheep living in an animal society with his father under a powerful corporation of pigs. The series continues with In Sheep's Clothing: The Way of the Ram.

More books are planned for 2020 and beyond. Two more stories will close out the arc of In Sheep's Clothing before the series expands to The God Complex and Thread Cradle. A set of short stories will bring us to the Nexus Nebula Saga's conclusion in CrossRoad.

The series is being published independently on the bookstore and on Gumroad.


The Nexus Nebula Saga is composed of several separate arcs. There is a timeline within each arc, but the arcs can be read out of sequence.

Book One, Momma Grizzly, is intended as the opener, as it is generally considered the most accessible entry point in the series. However, it is a standalone novel and can be read at any point without spoiling others.

In Sheep's Clothing is the largest distinct arc. The books within it must be read in order. This arc contains:

The God Complex is another arc which contains:

Book Seven, Thread Cradle, is its own arc, another standalone that can be read at any time.

Book Eight, Interlude, contains several shorter stories including Candles Red. This collection requires all previous books to be read beforehand.

CrossRoad, Book Nine and the conclusion of the series, must be read last of all.

The Nexus Nebula Saga
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